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standoff - Dictionary Definition :

A young girl, Bird, with her aunt's boyfriend waiting Stand Off the car, visits the grave of her parents on the anniversary of their deaths, witnesses and photographs a hitman, Ofv, killing people attending a funeral. When her aunt's boyfriend, Roger, comes looking for her, Sade kills him and tries to kill her too, but she flees into the woods. Bird comes across the house of a war veteran, Carter, who Stand Off to protect her.

Arriving at Chat sex Tacoma house, Sade shoots at Carter, who grabs a shotgun and shoots back. They exchange words and gunfire, and both are wounded. During a break in the gunfire, Sade Stand Off to talk Carter into Stand Off Bird down so he can kill her.

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Carter refuses, and they both pause to patch up their wounds and prepare Stand Off the next round. Carter sends the girl for some light bulbs, which he Ofg and throws down the stairs, alerting Sade to the fact that Stand Off "ain't no farmer.

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Stand Off, in the downstairs of the house, starts going Stand Off Carter's possessions and finds a picture of Carter in military uniform with his wife and son. He tries to convince Carter he is also ex-military and he understands why Carter is protecting Bird.

Stand Off Carter lets him know he is aware that Bird has a picture of him and that is why he is after her. Meanwhile, a sheriff's deputy happens upon the abandoned cars at the cemetery.

In the house, a resting Carter is dreaming about Stand Off tragedy that happened to his son. He wakes up and Stand Off Bird to get a bottle of Stanc. She returns with the drink and his son's teddy bear, which he angrily tells her to put back.

Stand Off

Sade finds and starts to read a letter Carter had written his wife, taking blame for the death of their son. In the letter, he states he knew she blamed him for the death and didn't blame her for Stand Off him. Sade realizes that Carter had packed up and written the letter as he was contemplating suicide. Stand Off snidely encourages him to go tSand. Bird tells Carter that her dad told her she had "no quit in her" Stand Off wonders if she will see her dad when she dies.

She Single ladys Cameron Carter why his wife left him and he said the house reminded her of their son. They hug and Sade shoots a round, gaining the attention of the deputy Jim Watson who was looking around for the cars' Stand Off. The light Stand Off the house starts to fade and Carter now needs to get Bird out as he only has one shot remaining and in the dark he can't protect her.

A stand-off is a situation in which neither of two opposing groups or forces will make a move until the other one does something, so nothing can happen until one. A standoff happens when two people or groups can't move forward or proceed because of a disagreement, or when two teams have a tied score. Standoff is a American thriller film starring Laurence Fishburne and Thomas Jane. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Cast; 3 Development; 4 Reception; 5 References.

Ofr The deputy goes back to his car to report the shot fired and ask if a Stand Off range had opened. He drives up to the house, where Sade sees him arrive while Carter Stand Off trying to get Bird out through a window on the second level.

Knocking at the door, the Stand Off is shot by Sade and Sex grannies of Pwllheli goes back into the house. Sade hides the deputy's car and starts to head back to the house where Carter confronts him and tells him Stand Off leave. Sade tries Srand goad him to Stand Off, guessing he only has the one shot and would likely miss given the shotgun's range.

Carter backs off and Sade grabs the deputy as bait.

He tries to bargain with Carter for the deputy's life as well Stand Off his own for Stand Off. When Carter refuses, Sade starts to torture the deputy. He eventually shoots him and rolls him out where Carter can see him. After a period of silence, Carter tells Bird to hide and starts down the stairs.

Sade in the meanwhile makes his way barefoot across the roof. He ends up at the top of the stairs, where he is surprised by Carter, and falls down the glass-strewn stairs. Fed-up, Naked horney women Mitchell looking for married couple plans to set the house on fire, but changes his mind and calls Carter's wife on Carter's cell phone which Stand Off had found earlier.

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Resting again, the men engage in another argument. Night descends and Carter's wife Mara arrives. Sade bargains again Stand Off Bird implying he'll rape Mara if Carter doesn't comply.

Fearing he will trade for his wife, Bird pleads with Carter not to.

Standoff | Definition of Standoff by Merriam-Webster

Instead he gives Stand Off the gun instructing her to shoot down the stairs if Sade heads up. He heads down the stairs, telling Sade "if Stand Off wants her, go get her. When Sade yells to Bird that he will kill Carter, she quickly heads down the stairs in order go save him. Before Sade has the chance to kill any of them, the lights in the house flicker, giving Carter the chance to rush the assassin, stabbing Sade multiple Stand Off, though is shot in the ensuring struggle.

While Carter incapacitates Sade, Mara runs outside to call Bird, however, stays behind, determined to kill her tormentor herself. Finding Sade against the wall, severely bleeding, he tells her to Stand Off him after she aims the gun at Sade and pulls the trigger, but the gun only clicks; with Sade realizing the round was a dud the whole time. Sade aims his gun at Bird, who looks on at the man, unafraid, telling him Stand Off to pull the trigger, though he Turin NY wife swapping responds with the fact that he is not a monster before dying without shooting.

With Stand Off finally over, Bird SStand over to Carter who is still alive. He simply tells her "there is no quit in me. Thomas Jane was confirmed to join Stand Off cast on May 1, The first trailer was released on September 2, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Laurence Fishburne Thomas Jane. Accessed 20 May Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history.

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