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Alien message on the NSA website.

This is a very important step towards outreach to the UFO community. That document has to be seen by the world, as it is the actual website of the NSA, they put it there waiting for everyone to see it. Do we want extraterrestrial contact evidence?

Controversy on the Web: Alien message on the NSA website - Infinity Explorers

Then we have them here! The document written by Doctor Campaigne presents a series of 29 messages Send messages free nsa sex mi from outer space. Here is a very interesting passage from that document: The transmission was not continuous, it was cut into several fragments with pauses, so be taken as units, to be repeated again frwe again.

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Pauses are shown here as punctuation. Several combinations have been represented by the messgaes of the alphabet, so that the messages can be written.

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Each message except the first message is given here only once. The serial number of the messages has been provided for each reference.

This is a report of a presentation to the NSA by Dr. Apparently these messages had actually been received via the Sputnik satellite, but no one had any idea how to decode the messages at that time.

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At some point, unspecified in the document, Dr. Howard Campaigne and some other super mathematicians from the NSA in the cryptography department set the task of decoding the messages.

There were a total of 29 decoded messages.

It is curious, so to speak, that this document was prepared for the Send messages free nsa sex mi domain on October 21, Why did not they do it?

Because the NSA did not release that public information until April 21, When truly, the order came from the judge had to carry it out, and the NSA declassified the documents to put them in the public domain.

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It is curious, however, that during his presentation Dr. He gives an example of a connective word that he knows is connective the union of two or more instructionsbut he still does not understand the translation of that word.

Critics are scared as hell of disclosing this information, as it proves beyond doubt that they are, and have always been, utterly mistaken. Their Sejd as critics are finished with the revelation of this material.

It has been there for years. It is true that the document was prepared for launch on 21 October But it is also true that he was not released to public opinion until April 21, This is truly information.

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Send messages free nsa sex mi No one from the government has stepped in front of the cameras and clarifies if it is true of the extraterrestrial messages. But, here we have the most secret intelligence organization in Semd US, the National Security Agency NSAopenly revealing that there has been contact with intelligent aliens.

The publication of this document also messafes us that extraterrestrial affairs are classified and all monitoring of extraterrestrial activity continues to be classified.

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Only a few documents have been released, I wonder what still remains classified? Michael Cumbling is the founder and Send messages free nsa sex mi researcher of Infinity Explorers. What began as a grad school hobby is now a paranormal blog, with millions of readers coming to his site for dree weeknight Mysteries and astonishing paranormal encounters.

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Controversy on the Web: Alien message on the NSA website July 16, 1 By Michael Not many people have noticed this, but the NSA has on its website a test of extraterrestrial contact under the title “Key to the Extraterrestrial messages”.(Alien message on the NSA website). Free text messaging to any mobile phone with text messaging or SMS enabled. Our free text messaging service allows you send free online text messages to your friends and family directly from our website for free. Are there any totally free, no strings attached dating sites for sex in Idaho? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 3 Answers. Allen Crandall, Are there any free local sex date sites that actually work? Are there any free dating sites in Michigan? What is a free sex dating site? Are there any free dating sites in Phoenix Arizona? Content Bund.

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China made the first quantum teleportation from Earth to orbit!! About The Author Michael.

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