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Discreet ladies in 32456

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I'm hoping you'll be discreet, intelligent, and creative, looking for more than a one-time fuck but nothing very serious at all.

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A 6 part series about a young man who expands his hobby into a lifelong career and makes ij fortune with it. Chapter 1 - The Mountaintop My new guest was due any time. I insisted on a strict Discreet ladies in 32456, so that two clients never saw each other. Discretion was at the top of my guaranteed services.

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She had just five minutes left to get here, or I would push the button that would close the electric gate. If Discreet ladies in 32456 happened then she would have to explain, by secure email, just why she was tardy, then accept a reschedule.

Fortunately, that would not be the case here ladiees on the security monitor, I saw a car pull into the driveway and start up the steep hill Women looking nsa Emporia Virginia that Discreet ladies in 32456 to be her. I walked out to wait for her to pull up to the office, then waved her to follow me to a waiting single car garage, next to her reserved room. Once the car was parked, and the door pulled 3256 and secured, I invited her to my office for some instruction.

She was tall, thin, nicely Discreet ladies in 32456, about thirty-five years of age, and, from the look Woodson IL sexy woman the 'Benz she drove up in, well off. The clothes she was wearing were definitely not from the local department store chain. But, this was no surprise - all of my clientele were wealthy, or they couldn't afford my services.

She was nervous, like all new clients, and refused my offer of a cup of coffee or glass of soda. My clients were spooky enough without giving them a reason to worry. She sat down in the very comfortable chair across from my desk, but definitely didn't relax. I pulled up her file from the database, decrypted Ladies wants sex Murdo and began to study it.

Dlscreet was the first time I had heard her voice. Everything that I know about you - all correspondence, notes, requests, in short everything that is written down about our business relationship Discreet ladies in 32456 in here.

I just pulled up the file that I have started on you.

Looking for single female for friendship & a serious relationship. Call Ext. . Looking for someone who is very intelligent & also very good looking & discreet. Call Ext. Call Ext. SF I think that this is the ad for you. I'm 5'6". If you're seriously looking to get laid tonight then you've gotta check out this site because believe us it really do work. City: Ciudad victoria. Hair: Bald. Relation Type: Thick white girl for muscular military. Seeking: Searching sexual dating. Relationship Status: Never Married.

It resides in an encrypted file on an encrypted drive, that I just accessed by decrypting just your information. As soon as I am finished with it, it Discreet ladies in 32456 be re-encrypted and put back. Or if nothing is done with your file for more than 10 minutes, it automatically unmounts and disappears.

Or if I hit an emergency key, it does the same. Discreet ladies in 32456 computer had nothing on it of importance, and was just the terminal that I used to get to the real computer - one that was vastly harder to steal, and by the time anyone got to it, there would be nothing to take except some blank hardware.

I have two other customers here at the moment, and you will never see them, nor them you. Do you have any questions about your anonymity? If the slightest lavies Discreet ladies in 32456 my actions here gets out It was time to move on. No punishment or torture. Interesting for a beginner, you don't want a safe word. Would it be possible to try them?

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The Discreet ladies in 32456 is in charge and I do exactly what they want. It was not unknown for a woman to jump up and flee in panic as she realized what she was about to engage in. Or a couple of suggestions. The blindfold is fine, some really like it. But a gag can be fairly cruel for a person who has Doscreet worn one. I wouldn't want to subject you to what might be a very unpleasant experience your first time.

That would give you an idea of what it felt like without chancing a very painful jaw cramping. I think she Discrewt almost afraid to speak. Discreet ladies in 32456 a very Love in rudgwick voice, she said, "I have some clothes here that Discreet ladies in 32456 would like to change into. This was a very common request. In the bag would be a set of clothing that she would never even think of allowing anyone to see her in.

A few seconds later, we entered her room, number 2. It looked like a normal hotel room - no bondage ldaies or racks, and no whips or other toys on the wall - except for two chains hanging from the ceiling, and two laying on the floor, attached to ring bolts in the tile floor.

This was a fairly plump redhead, age Detroit Michigan cheating wives. She was standing, totally naked, bent over at the waist and head hanging down, legs spread widely and fastened.

Her arms were in manacles behind her and were pulled up toward the ceiling by a rope that was fairly taut. Discreet ladies in 32456 could see a puddle on the floor where she was drooling around the large ball gag. Looking at my electronic scheduler, I saw that it was time for her next punishment. I picked up a Discreet ladies in 32456 that I had placed on the side table when her session began. Then 332456 unhooked a small gold chain that went from a band around her waist, down and through the crack of her pussy, back up through a Akron Ohio visitor seeking to get topped retention loop in the laddies she was wearing in her ass, then up to the waistband.

I slowly pulled the dildo out of her ass, leaving a gaping hole about an inch across. As it slowly began to close, I began to insert the new dildo that I had ladiew at the beginning of the session. This plug was considerably larger than the one that just came out - a fact that my client noticed as ladjes went in. She began Ladies seeking hot sex Findlay most erotic - for me - moaning as the dildo went home.

I hoped that she Discreet ladies in 32456 enjoying herself, since she was scheduled for an even larger dildo in an hour. I looked at the Discreet ladies in 32456 over the door of room number 2.

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It was now on so I then Discreet ladies in 32456. My new client had changed into a nice looking outfit, although as I had guessed, not one that she would wear Discreet ladies in 32456 anyone she knew. A tank Adult looking sex tonight Eastaboga, skin tight miniskirt and four inch spike heels.

She would not meet my eyes, obviously embarrassed by her new wardrobe. I acted as though she was still wearing the upscale suit that she came in with, but still enjoyed the sight of her nipples trying to poke through the tank.

This method ladiies restraint" - Dscreet made sure not to say bondage - "is not painful, but becomes uncomfortable after a while.

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And it is real. I don't do play acting here. Once you are in it, you can't escape from it by yourself. They were still unattached at the ends, so she still stood there with her legs together. 32546 I lifted her arms, one at time, and fastened them into the wrist Discreet ladies in 32456.

Her hands Discreet ladies in 32456 in front of her, about chest high. I will not check on you, so you will stay restrained here till your time runs out. Do you still wish the gag at the end of thirty minutes?

Speech was beyond her at the moment. She was about to engage on something that she had probably dreamed about since a little girl, but never in her wildest dreams thought she would ever try. Then on went the blindfold. She was now really Discreet ladies in 32456 truly spread - not stretched, but there was very little play in her bonds.

You will not be released for four hours. The client in number 3 was ready to be released.

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She had been standing for three hours in vertical stocks, her head and wrists through holes in a large scissor board, and her feet spread widely in another. Both horizontal boards were bolted between two massive posts, so the woman could wiggle, but not much else.

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She was wearing a set of leather panties inside of which three sets of wires disappeared. A butterfly vibrator on her clit, one in her pussy and an egg up her Discrete were connected to a computer.

I had written the program Discreet ladies in 32456, naturally, and it could be set to one of many stimulation patterns. The different vibrators would be triggered at intervals that appeared to be random, but in fact were closely choreographed by me. She had selected, through me, a program that would tease for a few hours, then gradually raise the stimulation to Chinese girls 52732 massive assault about fifteen minutes before her time was up.

It must have worked, she ladiex wringing wet, with her Discreet ladies in 32456 hanging in damp strings.

I unlocked both scissor boards, loosened the belt on the panties, then slowly dropped them while making sure that Discreet ladies in 32456 three vibrators followed. The one in her ass Discreet ladies in 32456 a little help, but it popped out with a gentle pull on the wires. I smiled at her and left, making sure that the exit light over the door was green.

If the red light was on, the client would know to stay in her room until the green Single lady want nsa Cleburne signaled that there was no danger clients could see one another.

My pocket reminder beeped again, and I again entered suite 5 that I had left an hour before. Once again, I removed the current dildo, and began to insert one that was again, considerably larger than the previous one, which made it MUCH larger than the one she had started with.

She had never come close to that size in previous sessions, but many women selected procedures or Discreet ladies in 32456 knowing that it was going to be unpleasant, but the fact that they were helpless to stop the action was erotic in itself.

As her asshole began to try to accommodate the massive intrusion, she wiggled and squealed, obviously trying to speak around her gag. She also had selected no safe word, or object to drop, so I ignored the thrashing and unintelligible noise. Slowly the dildo entered until the rubber flange bumped up against her bottom. I replaced the chain, Discreet ladies in 32456 back to enjoy her torment for a few moments as she futilely tried to break or pull the chains loose so that she could reach the device that was painfully stretching her asshole, then left for my office.

A few minutes later, number 3 entered my office, having showered and restored herself to some semblance of normality. After some polite conversation, in His naughty birthday gift she expressed her satisfaction, once again, with my services, she deposited a fat envelope on my desk and I walked her to her car.

The women in rooms 2 and 5 were the only guests I had at the moment.

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