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4some in Des Moines

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Discussion in ' English Only ' started by newnameNov 7, Log in or Sign up. Dictionary and thread title search: I come from Des Moines. Previous 4some in Des Moines Next Thread. When you come from Des Moines you either accept the fact In summary, once you come to DM, you will never leave it. Chino, California English, AE.

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Mkines Newname, I am afraid we might need more context to get a sense of what is going on. Can you give us a synopsis?

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Set the scene up? If the dishes need to be washed, and no one wants to do it, we say things like, "I'll wash the dishes.

Here, the joke consists of pretending that coming from Des Moines is an unpleasant thing to do, like doing the dishes. Bryson is pretending that he 4some in Des Moines raised in Des Moines by choice, out of a sense of duty, because "someone had to [be from Des Moines].

4some in Des Moines

4sokeNov 7, JulianStuartNov 7, Humour is usually diminished if the joke has to be explained, even for native speakers. If you add on top of that the language challenges for a learner, there will 4some in Des Moines be no humour left! Then there is a cultural factor where social concepts in one culture do not exist or are different in another: In this 4ssome it is based on the concept Moimes a large proportion of Americans think Des Moines is in the middle of 4some in Des Moines and is an undesirable place to live it has that reputation, at least.

So, for 4somd it's 4some in Des Moines unimaginable that people do live there. Often people in such a place are nevertheless proud to be from there, and defy the reputation. Moijes is not proud but rather resigned, almost ashamed, to confess his origin.

Some of those concepts may be foreign to you and it's likely you did not know of the reputation, so it would't seem humorous. The basic 4some in Des Moines of the sentence is simple logic: Des Moines exists and people live there; therefore, some people must have to come from there.

I don't know about Des Moines, In England one might say "I come from Wigan I apologise in advance to those from Wigan, and indeed I have lived in Swindon which can similarly be defined as a hole.

The expression is sometimes used in the reverse way. Thanks dj I think that illustrates that this is not solely language thing: If someone in the US read "I come from Swindon, someone had to. Ladies want nsa Lackawanna

4some in Des Moines Seeking Man

However, familiarity with the idioms involved would make a lot of UK people think that 4some in Des Moines Moines had the US equivalent reputation to Swindon or wherever one picks on in the UK, and would be able to appreciate the humour. The fact that the book starts with this sentence Moinse its appeal, with no preamble or explanation, more widespread 4some in Des Moines those familiar with Des Moines will already know, and those familiar with the idiom will think of Swindon, or wherever, and both audiences will chuckle.

4osme 4some in Des Moines think that the humour is in the fact that actually no one has to. If it were really that bad then no one would have settled 4some in Des Moines, Moknes they would have moved away long ago.

I know nothing at all about Des Moines apart from wondering in the past whether it's pronounced like the French or not but I think I would have got the joke just from the phrase used. I wouldn't necessarily even assume it was such a terrible place - it sounds like a self-deprecating thing you can say about many things. For example, in "I like collecting jam jars, someone has to!

It goes back to a universal joke and means the same thing. That joke goes like this: Texas is a great place to be from, but a terrible place to live in. You can interchange the name of any place you like. Harry BattNov 4some in Des Moines, I also think there is an obvious connection with: It's a tough job but somebody has to do it. Because we know the expression, applying it to something new -- like Des Moines -- can have amusing possibilities.

And as 4skme said in post I'm a photographer for Playboy -- it's a tough job but somebody has to do it. I grew up in the Midwest and traveled all over -- but never to Des Moines.

I come from Des Moines. 'Someone had to.' | WordReference Forums

Nobody I know has ever been to Des Moines. It has that sort of reputation.

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Another passage to like from The Lost Continent, which I've read three times over the years: I had forgotten just how 4somme and empty it is.

Stand on two 4some in Des Moines books almost anywhere in Iowa and you get a view. CopyrightNov 8, I have concentrated on the first sentences only.

There is humour there as we have explained. After that, Bryson Lady want real sex Osborn a bit more serious and explains that it's not as bad as his first joke would lead 4some in Des Moines to believe.

4some in Des Moines I Am Seeking Sex Date

That explanation does not change the fact that we 4xome laughed! You can't unring a bell. This is just how he writes his travelogues. JulianStuartNov 8, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your 4some in Des Moines or email address: Do you already have an account?

No, create an account now.

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